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The Life of a One-Call Center Operator

The object of utility line location is to find and mark the lines that run water, sewage, gas, electricity, telephone and cable lines so that contractors who are excavating in a given area can dig without interrupting services (or causing … Continue reading

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Wanted: Rocket Scientists (To Work Underground)

With its abundance of natural resources, Canada’s mining and underground excavating industries have long provided for a robust middle-class with their need for qualified engineers. Mining engineers, civil engineers, hydro-electric engineers – a large chunk of the Canadian economy depends … Continue reading

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Canada’s Oil Industry: Boom Time

With the discovery of oil sands in the vicinity of Alberta, the Canadian oil industry becomes a major player (and hopefully a stabilizing force) in a world market fraught with speculation and volatility. The benefits have already crossed international lines, … Continue reading

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What’s Yours is Mined

Canada has been one of the most prolific and reliable sources of mineral commodities since the discovery of coal reserves dating back 350 years. Mining and its related activities, at $42 billion per year, account for roughly five percent of … Continue reading

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Underground Utilities: Call Before You Dig

Major cities in North American – from Ontario, California to Ontario, Canada – have learned the value of locating their utilities infrastructures underneath the surface of the earth. The benefits are obvious to engineers and elected officials alike. Running utilities … Continue reading

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Carbon Sequestration – From The Ground Up

Other than rain and sunshine, virtually no commodity – or the processes associated with obtaining and managing them – comes without cost in this world, a fact which falls into Robert A. Heinlein’s “TANSTAAFL” file (There Ain’t No Such Thing … Continue reading

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Is the Jury Still Out on Sequestration?

As global concern about climate change and greenhouse gases increases, carbon sequestration is rapidly moving from the research phase to the applied phase. In North America and Canada, where carbon-based emissions run commensurate to consumption of fossil fuels, scientists and … Continue reading

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Utilities: Gone Underground

Throughout North America, the infrastructure for commercial and residential utility lines has gone underground – literally. Over the last 20 years, civil engineers have realized the benefit if running power and data transfer cables below the surface, in many cases … Continue reading

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