Call Before You Dig in Ontario Canada; It’s the Law

Before you dig in Ontario Canada, it’s simple. Make one call. It’s the law.

Is Digging in Your Future?

If digging, landscaping or fence installation is in your near future… If excavating for the installation of a built in swimming pool or possibly a porch is something you’re considering… If you might be putting an addition on your house… You’re going to want to be careful of buried pipes and cables. No matter if you have a contractor doing your digging for you, or if you’re a do it yourselfer and are using a machine to do the excavating or digging on your own; there is always the risk of damaging an underground system of water pipes, natural gas pipes, television or Internet cables, telephone lines, hydro lines or electrical lines. That’s a lot of responsibility to undertake on your own. Because of this, digging in just the wrong area could knock out essential utilities to your home, your neighbor’s home, or a whole community. Damaged hydro lines and gas lines in fact, pose a safety hazard to any number of properties and people.

It’s Easy and Free… And the Law

Contractors and homeowners are required by law in Ontario Canada to check for gas lines before breaking ground. “One Call” is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The service is free. It can’t be made much easier. They would however like you to call two working days in advance of starting the dig. You don’t even have to specify what kind of lines you’re worried about damaging. They will contact the correct utilities. They will send a crew to come out and mark, with color coding, areas to avoid.
1-800-400-2255 is the number to call before you start digging.

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