What to do if Your Lines Go Out in Ontario Canada

In the winter 1998, they did just that: read on.

Ice, Ice Baby

An ice storm like no ice storm before it hit eastern Ontario in 1998 and impaired 40% of Ontario Hydro’s supply systems. 150,000 customers suddenly find themselves hurled into freezing temperatures and complete darkness for an unimaginable three weeks. Fortunately, the high-voltage transmission system that supplied power to major urban centers was left relatively intact. But despite deadly icy conditions, Ontario Hydro’s nearly 2200 employees (and some additional contractors and utilities) devoted 16-hour shifts every day until they were able to replace 1,800 pole-top transformers; 10,750 wood poles and 2,800 kilometers of wire conductor. Such is the dedication and devotion of Ontario Canada’s energy suppliers. Nowadays, fully aware of the kind of damage that Mother Nature can lash down on them, Ontario Canada is ready… As ready as one can be when it comes to Mother Nature.

That Was a Long Time Ago

The dedication is still there today and Hydro One, Ontario’s major power delivery source, is on call 24/7 for your energy emergency needs. Just by dialing 1-800-434-1235 you will be connected with their province wide emergency service. And believe me when I say that Ontario Canada is prepared. They’re well aware of the weather out there, and have devised a six step emergency recovery plan of action to get Ontario back up and running again. Even if it looks like things are going to involve some extensive repairs, Hydro One’s workers will make every effort to rewire power to priority locations until the initial problem can be remedied.

Ontario Canada has been undeniably important in not only the development but distribution of energy being supplied to Canada and in the development of a sharing system with America’s New York Port Authority systems back in the ‘old days’.

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