Wanted: Rocket Scientists (To Work Underground)

With its abundance of natural resources, Canada’s mining and underground excavating industries have long provided for a robust middle-class with their need for qualified engineers. Mining engineers, civil engineers, hydro-electric engineers – a large chunk of the Canadian economy depends on these positions being filled by qualified personnel. The pay is good, and Canadian universities are keen to provide the education necessary to bring young engineers into the industry, complete with the latest knowledge.

Resources from Coast to Coast

In the far-flung Western stretches of the country, oil production accounts for a good many high-paying jobs in the field. From innovative ideas in the laboratories to strategic moves in the board rooms to refining it down to combustible, consumer-ready products, engineers are the driving force behind the Canadian oil industry, from the brightly-lit refineries of Ontario to the oil sands of Alberta.

Education Plus Innovation Equals Production

The mining companies that produce a third of the world’s diamonds (among many other valuable commodities) are also happy to share their wealth with the underground engineers and geologists who have simplified and optimized the methodology that supplies today’s markets. Canada’s engineers also play a vital role in less glittery prizes, such as water and sewer delivery systems, broadband connections, electricity, natural gas and telecommunications, much of which is run underground anymore.

For all of its mineral wealth, and its place in the heirarchy of production, the most important link in Canada’s chain of natural resources production lies not under ground, or on the bottom of the ocean, or in the tarry sands of the West, or up in the mountain peaks, but in its universities and technical schools, where the best and brightest Canadians graduate every year – and find a job market right at home that is willing to put them to work.

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